The Touch – a peaceful demise

In March 2013 we released The Touch. We had very positive feedback from those who tried it, and the initial sales were encouraging. Nevertheless, the sales quickly dropped off and we felt that we needed to find a way to substantially increase the user base in order to keep the product viable. Thus, in November 2013, we released a new version with support for iPhoto (which all Mac users have) and contacted as many Mac oriented blogs as possible.

Ultimately, however, out attempt to save The Touch failed, and we’ve had to accept that it simply isn’t commercially viable; in September we sold just two copies! Here’s a graph of our sales:

Given the positive reaction we’ve had from those who use the product it’s difficult for us to analyse the reasons for this failure, but we have some ideas:

  • Perhaps the world isn’t ready for gesture control on a desktop machine.
  • Perhaps the number of gestures we provided was too overwhelming, and the learning curve too steep.
  • As a two-man company with no marketing expertise, we know that we don’t have the marketing skills required to push a product sufficiently hard.
  • Our analytics show us that software piracy has probably been a major problem for us, although whether or not the pirated copies would have been converted into real sales had the product not been cracked is something that we’ll never know.

Yosemite is here and we had started the work necessary to ensure compatibility, nevertheless we quickly concluded that we couldn’t justify the time involved. At the current rate of sales we each earn about 8€ a month from The touch (after taxes etc.).

Thus, it’s with great regret that we’ve had to take the decision to stop selling the Touch in order to concentrate our development efforts on other products, including the very popular Final Cut Library Manager.

We apologise to those who used and enjoyed it, but we hope that you can understand our reasons.

Vincent and Tim